We are a hi-tech enterprise professionally engaged in the research, development, production, sales and service of intelligent sorting equipment.
Situated in Hefei, Anhui Province of China, ANHUI JIEXUN OPTOELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD (ANYSORT) is a Chinese national hi-tech enterprise professionally engaged in the research, development and production of intelligent sorting equipment....
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Our Development
Leading Stage

In 2021, the intelligent Cloud broken rice control system started the digital intelligence era of rice processing.

In 2022, the 6S sorting process led rice industry into a new quality era.

Full-blossom Stage

In 2018, ALL IN ONE multi-core chip technology was born and started an industrial revolution.

In 2019, the 3rd generation of AI (three-dimensional intelligence) was born and defined the future of sorting. 

In 2020, high-dimensional fingerprint intelligent sensing technology was put into use.

Leap-forward Stage
In 2017, fully intelligent unmanned production Cloud 3.0 was launched and we made a leap forward again.
Breakthrough stage

In 2014, the 1st unit of Cloud color sorter created a legend in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China.

In 2016, Cloud 2.0 started a new era and subverted the industry.

Development Stage

In 2010, the cloud strategy set sail.

In 2013, the 1st unit of Cloud color sorter was born and started the era of intelligent color sorting.

New Year Speech

Good evening everyone! First, I extend a warm welcome to the guests and friends who have come from afar! Sincere thanks to all family members! Since its establishment, Jiexun has always adhered to building a team with faith and a sense of honor. We have always held the belief of "let the whole world enjoy the best quality food", and are based on the present, aiming to become a respectable enterprise.

We move forward with faith, and every time we accomplish something, we receive a full sense of honor. This belief and sense of honor lead us towards the great belief of "let the whole world enjoy the best quality food", constantly approaching and ultimately becoming a reality...


  • Central intelligence
    Cloud IoT Cloud Intelligence Cloud Connect Cloud Intelligent Control
    Networking with the upstream and downstream equipment to provide intelligent connection, intelligent collaboration, intelligent interaction, real-time status detection, intelligent supervision of equipment operation, and to create a perceptive, collaborative, real-time intelligent production line.
    One-click cloud intelligence technology and intelligent cloud brain enable color sorting to intelligently adapt to computing, learning, decision-making and control, intelligently identify, analyze, calculate material impurities and adjust the operating data accordingly, and lets users set quantitative indicators at will.
    Real-time interaction with the Cloud, timely update and optimization of system algorithm and Cloud services start the era of "zero distance service".
    Easy connection with various terminals, remote control and instant response realize unmanned production.
  • Quality intelligence
    Intelligent Cloud Quality Inspection Intelligent Sensing Intelligent Shape Sorting Hawk-eye recognition Intelligent sensing technology
    Online inspection of raw materials, finished products and wastes; real-time upload of quality indicators to the control system or various mobile terminals; online, automated, digital and intelligent product management.
    Multi-dimensional fingerprint sensing and intelligent space situation sensing can sense information such as speed, direction, position, pose, height, angle and track to perform multi-image fusion analysis.
    Intelligently recognize tiny shape differences of materials, easily grade materials by size, length, thickness and roundness, and initially start the separation of yellow rice from broken rice, chalky rice from broken rice, the common selection and separation of yellow rice, chalky rice and broken rice, the separation of different grades of long-grain rice, the separation of different grades of round-grain rice and the separation of long-grain rice and round-grain rice.
    Bionic hawk-eye recognition technology provides wide field, three-dimensional sensing and more powerful color sensing ability, can identify tiny and delicate disease spots, light yellow rice and other impurities that normal CCD color sorters cannot recognize, and support common selection and separation of different colors (such as yellow rice and chalky rice, yellow rice of two different grades, yellow rice and black rice, chalky rice of two different grades, yellow rice and paddy).
    VNIR multi-spectral deep integration sensing technology intelligently identifies tiny differences of extremely similar rice colors and could select yellow rice without carrying chalky rice.
  • Operation and maintenance intelligence
    Intelligent spray valve Intelligent Self-cleaning Intelligent Cloud Guard Intelligent flow adjustment 2.0
    The high-frequency, long-life intelligent spray valve owns superconducting valve core technology, aviation-grade nano ceramics, super damage resistance, supersonic opening and closing speed, which collaborates with the multi-dimensional image fusion positioning analysis technology to accurately hit materials to be rejected at a low carryover and air consumption, to provide intelligent detection of valve operating frequency and alarming of valve faults, and to keep the life span and the status of spray valves under your control.
    Intelligent self-cleaning system cooperates with the 360 degree ring suction design to provide a better cleaning effect and a lower cleaning frequency; the real-time monitoring and warning of stubborn foreign materials and the air net system makes cleaning easier and sorting effect better.
    The exclusive intelligent Cloud guard provides all-around protection for the machine, such as the self-detection of the system upon power-on, the real-time intelligent detection of the operating status and health condition of the system and various components, as well as the intelligent light alerting system.
    Intelligently monitor the flow of the adaptive production line, intelligently control the flow on channels and intelligently interact with other equipment to make the whole production flexible.
  • Vision
    Our Vision
  • Mission
    Our Mission

    Create a four -likes (family-like, army-like, school-like, religion-like) team and let employees fall in love with the organization

  • Corporate Culture
    Our Corporate Culture
    Our product concept "JIEXUN Quality, Comparable to Personality" and our talent concept "Loyal, Honest, Professional and Enterprising" link products and personality, realizing the organic combination of product quality and enterprise quality
Our Honors