Anysort PLUS Quality Sorter won the "Gold Award for Product Innovation" again!

Anysort PLUS Quality Sorter won the "Gold Award for Product Innovation" again!

publishdate:2023-09-13 views:137

From September 11 to 13, the 2023 China (Shenyang) First International Grain and Oil Products and Equipment and the 13th IGPE International Grain and Oil Industry Expo·Liaoning Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as: Shenyang International Grain and Oil Exhibition) was successfully held in Shenyang. Anysort was invited to participate and show a variety of quality-sorter.

During the exhibition, experts such as Zhang Guifeng, former deputy director of the National Grain and Material Reserves Bureau,Wang Ruiyuan, former director of the Grain and Oil Industry Bureau of the Ministry of Grain and the former Ministry of Commerce, president of China Cereals and Oils Group Corporation and professor-level senior engineer,Yu Heng,director of the Liaoning Provincial Grain and Material Reserves Bureau, etc.visited Anysort's booth, affirmed Anysort's positive contribution in the field of grain processing, and spoke highly of the PLUS series on display.

After review and evaluation by the expert group, Anysort PLUS Quality Sorter was awarded the "Gold Award for Product Innovation" and was awarded a board.

Through its self-developed PLOV self-learning Quality Sort platform, Anysort launched the PLUS series of rice cloud Quality Sorters, which have been fully upgraded from singlesorter performance to intelligent production line applications. By using Bionic Eagle-Eye 2.0 technology,Intelligent Unmanned 3.0, Cloud Quality Sorter IoT and other technologies, grain processing has entered the era of mass capacity and cloud interconnection. 1 PLUS = 2 Sorters, subverting the development of the grain sorting industry.

Leading by quality,the PLUS Quality Sorter series has been recognized by many industry experts and companies since its launch. Anysort's solid technology R&D and insight into market demand go hand in hand, and continues to lead the reform of grain processing technology, improve quality and efficiency, and stabilize grain security.