【Technology Sharing】Jiexun's Cloud Control Theme Sharing at the Southern Rice Industry Summit Forum

【Technology Sharing】Jiexun's Cloud Control Theme Sharing at the Southern Rice Industry Summit Forum

publishdate:2024-03-28 views:61

Recently, at the Southern Rice Industry Summit Forum and the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Jiangxi Chunxiao Rice Industry, Jiexun gave a wonderful sharing on the theme of "Jiexun Cloud Control - Intelligent Production Line Solutions", which received widespread and enthusiastic attention from attending experts and entrepreneurs.

Everything is Controllable under Jiexun Cloud Control.

In the sharing, Jiexun's cloud control technology has been widely recognized by entrepreneurial friends, affirming that Jiexun has truly achieved a far ahead in technology research and development. At the same time, attendees also visited the high-quality sample customer factory of Jiexun, gaining a deep understanding of Jiexun's quality sorting technology and the planning scenario of cloud control solutions.

Jiexun closely revolves around the core of "cloud control technology", highlighting the intelligent control scenario in the rice processing. Detect and analyse the terminal quality sorter through production line, monitor, control and adjust color sorting index parameters in real-time, ensuring the full process control of quality. In addition, it will further realize the joint control and communication interaction of front and behind equipment, so that the unmanned future factories will truly come to reality.

Jiexun cloud control production line intelligent solutions can flexibly control the processing needs and standards of rice enterprises by optimizing production and processing processes and intelligent adaptive control, making rice processing truly unmanned, intelligent, and standard controllable. Everything is controllable under Jiexun cloud control.