Anysort Cloud Control|The Secret Weapon for Value Upgrading of Fuxing Rice Industry

Anysort Cloud Control|The Secret Weapon for Value Upgrading of Fuxing Rice Industry

publishdate:2024-06-10 views:230

In recent years, problems such as insufficient operating rate, intense competition, and in-fighting in the rice processing industry have become increasingly prominent. Some rice factories have been forced to reduce production and stop production due to the difficulty in ensuring grain sources and unstable quality of processed products.

However, Fuxing Rice Industry, located in Wuchang City, Heilongjiang Province, is bustling with machines, transport forklifts shuttling back and forth, and bags of high-quality Northeast rice are continuously shipped from the production line to various parts of the country.

“To stand out in the increasingly fierce market competition, we must rely on intelligent new quality production equipment to take the lead!” Fuxing Rice Industry believes that providing stable quality rice and reducing losses are the most crucial!

After multiple preparations, Fuxing Rice Industry finally introduced Anysort cloud control technology and built a production line with a daily output of 600 tons.

Anysort cloud control is a production line control system that drives decision-making based on real data sources. Through Anysort's self-developed S+ intelligent analyser and cloud control server collaboration, it achieves 24*7 hours uninterrupted detection of the broken rice rate in final products, and gives feedback to the broken rice blending and sorting terminals through real-time and precise control, ensuring the broken rice rate index.

It is Both a Broken Rice Control System and a Detection System.

Intelligent cloud control can synchronously detect multiple indicators such as chalkiness degree, chalky rice rate, yellow rice rate, spot rate, and mixing rate with high precision. This greatly improves the rice enterprise's grasp of the entire production line situation and reduces manpower investment.

Improving Output Value is the Core Purpose of Cloud Control

Anysort cloud control is based on AI algorithms to analyze and predict, accurately control each processing equipment, so as to achieve the most uniform and stable product quality, the highest rice yield, and the lowest breakage rate.

Jiexun has always prioritized technology, adhered to customer demand orientation, and focused on providing more professional intelligent sorting solutions for rice processing. It continues to lead the technological innovation in the sorting industry and provide food safety guarantees for the vast number of grain and oil processing enterprises.