A high-tech company integrating research, development, production and marketing of top-end intelligent color sorters

Our company has imported cutting-edge equipment, including patch welding machines, laser cutting machines and CNC processing centers from Germany and Japan and invested countless resources in the production, research and development of new products. Currently, Jiexun Optoelectronic (Anysort) has become a strong R&D and production base for top-end color soters in China.
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A high-tech company integrating research & development, production and marketing of high-end Intelligent color sorters

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Anysort Core Technologies

  • Intelligent Center
  • Intelligent Quality
  • Intelligent O&M
    • Cloud Cluster

      Multiple color sorters connected intelligently, interacting intelligently, working together, optimizing output, intelligentizing production and customizing intelligent cloud color sorting factories.

    • Cloud Connection

      Connecting and interacting with the cloud in real time, updating and optimizing system algorithm in a timely manner, and creating a new era of “Zero Distance Service” with the cloud service.
    • Cloud Intelligence

      One-key cloud intelligence technology, intelligent computing, understanding, decision-making and control ability of the intelligent cloud brain, real-time and intelligently adaptive computing, learning, decision-making and control for color sorting.
    • Cloud Intelligent Control

      Various terminals easily connected for remote control, instant response and unmanned production.
    • Intelligent Recognition

      Hawk-eye recognition technology, cloud fast image capturing and intelligent computing technology, which can precisely recognize small and tiny spots, slightly yellow defects and impurities that are hard to be recognized by CCD color sorters, and can remove together and then separate materials of different colors with ultra-low carry-over ratio.
    • Intelligent Shape-Sorting

      New hawk-eye technology that can intelligently recognize small differences in material colors, easily grade materials by size, length, thickness and other shape differences, and starts a new era of shape sorting.
    • Intelligent Quality Control

      Intelligent QC technology that enables you to set quality standards at your will, and intelligent computing that easily realizes intelligent quality control.
    • Intelligent Cloud Quality Inspection

      Checking the quality indicators of raw materials, final products and rejects online. Real time uploading the control systems or various mobile devices.
    • Intelligent Flow Control

      Intelligently monitor the flow change of intelligent production lines, intelligently control the flow of channels, and make production.
    • Intelligent Self-cleaning

      An intelligent self-cleaning system provides better cleaning effects with 360° solid ring suction design and reduces cleaning frequency.
    • Intelligent IoT

      Upstream and downstream facilities can be intelligently connected and interact with each other to constitute the Internet of Things to detect.

    • Intelligent Cloud Guard

      The dedicated intelligent cloud guard test the system when it booting and there is a real-time intelligent test onto the operation and health status.

    Anysort Products

    Rice Color Sorter

    All great things have a brave start; this is a new future for color sorting and the new era of Intelligent. Each type of our machine leads the vision world with innovation and foresight.

    Tea Color Sorter

    The AI era of Intelligent color sorting has started, which connects the world anytime and anywhere.

    Cereal Color Sorter

    Technology lights up the world, and innovation leads the future. Intelligent Anysort never changes its original aspiration.

    Cash Crop Color Sorter

    We keep improving to build a new realm for color sorting. Each type was born to overturn the vision world.

    Industrial Supplies Color Sorter

    Industrial supplies color sorter running stably and designed with cutting-edge technologies such as cloud IoT.

    Food Color Sorter

    Cloud Series fruit and vegetable sorters are safe and healthy because they are made from intelligent environmental materials.
    • Rice Color Sorter

    • Tea Color Sorter

    • Cereal Color Sorter

    • Cash Crop Color Sorter

    • Industrial Supplies Color Sorter

    • Food Color Sorter

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