Step into Hanzhong! DF Sorter Improves the Quality and Efficiency of Xixiang Tea.

Step into Hanzhong! DF Sorter Improves the Quality and Efficiency of Xixiang Tea.

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Xixiang County, located in Hanzhong, Shanxi Province, holds significant importance as a tea planting and processing region. With over 33,000 acres of high-quality tea-producing areas and more than 200 tea-making enterprises !Renowned as one of the top ten famous teas in China and one of the three famous mountain teas worldwide, Xixiang green tea is widely recognized as the "king of green tea".

On August 21st, the "Anysort DF Tea Quality Sorter On-Site Conference" took place in Xixiang County, organized jointly by the Xixiang County Tea Association, Xixiang County Old Technology Association, and Anysort Company. Over 100 local tea experts and enterprises participated in the conference to exchange tea-making techniques, visit DF tea quality sorting innovation, and explore technological advancements in the tea industry at Pengxiang Tea Industry and Xixiang County Tea Industry.

"High standards, strict requirements, create high-quality tea"

The production process of Xixiang tea is unique, which is characterized by high harvesting standards, fine processing and high quality. DF sorter is based on standardization and intelligent requirements, with DF quality sorter series as the core customized production line, a new quality sorting PLOV self-learning platform and Hawkeye recognition 2.0 technology, easy to remove malignant impurities in tea and shape sorting and grading.

Large capacity , low breakage, clear once. Guarantee the beauty and consistency of the quality of tea, so that good tea can be sold at a good price!

Remove stalk, Reject impurities, Classification, Clear once

"Hand in hand with DF sorter to promote the development of tea industry".

During the on-site conference, esteemed experts and entrepreneurs  visited and listened a comprehensive technical report of Anysort DF's quality sorter. Following this, strategic cooperation agreements were signed between Anysort Company, Shaanxi Pengxiang Tea Industry Co., Ltd., Pingli County Tianzhen Tea Industry Co., Ltd., Shiyan City Guozhi Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd., and Xixiang County Tea Industry Company, we  elevate the tea industry in Hanzhong to new heights in together.

The DF series tea quality sorting machine is the powerful product of strategy upgrading of Anysort quality sorting. By continuously pursuing technological advancements and surpassing the limits of tea sorting technology, Anysort aims to better meet the practical requirements of tea processing and enhance the quality and efficiency of the regional tea industry. The improvement of quality and efficiency provide the technological progress of regional tea industry and create greater benefits for tea enterprises.