Leading the Way in Quality Sort: Anysort Won the "Hefei Mayor Quality Award"

Leading the Way in Quality Sort: Anysort Won the "Hefei Mayor Quality Award"

publishdate:2023-09-05 views:144

On September 5, the 2023 Hefei "Quality Month" launch event and the second Hefei Mayor's Quality Award Award Ceremony were grandly held. Anysort won the second Hefei Mayor's Quality Award Silver Award.

The "Hefei Mayor Quality Award" is mainly awarded to organizations that have made outstanding contributions to promoting high-quality development of regional economy, culture, society, ecology, etc., have outstanding achievements, effectively introduced excellent performance management models, and have a leading role in industry demonstration. This award is a high recognition and affirmation of Anysort's long-term insistence on quality and continuous pursuit of excellent performance.

Taking "quality" as the priority, focusing on sorting for 24 years

Anysort proposed the concept of "quality sort" for the first time in the sorting industry, leading the entire sorting industry to leap into the era of quality sort. With the vision of "letting people all over the world enjoy the best quality food", Anysort provides rice, High-value sorting solutions for many fields such as tea, grains, salt, nuts and Roasted Nuts.

Enhance quality awareness and promote high-quality development.

The Mayor's Quality Award is not only recognition of Anysort's leading role in the sorting field, but also a full affirmation of Anysort's quality. Anysort will play a leading role as a benchmark and promote excellence in product and service quality. Guided by corporate strategic goals and based on quality, Anysort will work with customers, suppliers and business partners to create a high-quality "ecological industry chain". Empower each other, grow together, and give back to society.