Jiexun was recognized by eight academicians in the 10th anniversary of the "National Rice Alliance" for leading the industry revolution!

Jiexun was recognized by eight academicians in the 10th anniversary of the "National Rice Alliance" for leading the industry revolution!

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In order to further promote the exchange, integration and innovative development of rice intensive processing industry, the 10th anniversary celebration of the National Rice Intensive Processing Industry Technological Innovation Strategic Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the Rice Alliance) with the theme of "Ten Years of Rice Road, Innovation for Future"and 2023 Innovation and Development Conference were successfully held in Wuhan during 24th to 26thSeptember.

A number of academicians at home and abroad invited by conference and more than 300 experts, leaders and entrepreneur groups from the members of the alliance attracted to participate in the event jointly explored the breakthrough and innovation of the rice intensive processing industry. Jiexun Optoelectronics has brought the industry-leading PLUS quality sorting solution, which has won the recognition of a number of experts and academicians and a number of technological innovation awards.

Highlight 1: Jiexun was recognized by many academicians and praisedfor quality sorting technique.

During the event, a number of academicians, experts and leaders visitedJiexun off-site booth to fully understand Jiexun innovation breakthrough in the field of rice intensive processing, and greatly affirmed Jiexun quality sorting technology of grain saving and loss reduction.

Sun Baoguo,academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the Alliance Expert Committee, listened to the introduction of Jiexun quality sortingtechnique.

Lan Yubin, academician of European Academy of Sciences and foreign academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences,visited Jiexun booth.

Hu Peisong,academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Director of the China Rice Research Institute, and Professor Aikebaier.Yilahongacademician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, visitedJiexun booth.

Aiqing, president of Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences and chairman of the Alliance, and other experts led the delegation to Jiexun booth.

Highlight 2: Intelligent quality sorting equipment leads and exceeds foreign countries.

“Focus on the research and innovation of food processing industrialization projects, intelligent equipment enables the transformation and upgrading of the rice industry as the key core. “

In the round-table conference sharing exchange of "Intelligent Equipment Enabling Rice Industry Transformation and Upgrading", Gaochun, chief technology officer of Jiexun Optoelectronics, proposed the "37 standard" (In rice processing, the  section of paddy and brown rice separation (husking/milling/cleaning, etc.) accounts

for 30%, and the color sorting (sorting of different colors/shapes and sizes/impurities, etc.) accounts for 70%) based on Jiexun 6S cloud quality sorting technology.The husking section realizes the separation of husk and brown rice, and the reduction of grain loss. Refined rice section also realizes that from the original processing of "better

looking rice" to the future processing of "more nutritious rice". Domestic intelligent sorting equipment systemachieves technology over foreign countries, more widely used intelligent sorting equipment which has better understanding of Chinese rice.

Highlight 3: PLUS quality sortingensures food saving, loss reduction and food security in large country.

“To achieve the goal of keeping the Chinese people's rice bowl firmly in their own hands, we must insist on reducing loss and increasing production”.

Xu Yefei, deputy general manager of Jiexun Optoelectronics, made a report on the theme of "Focus on the whole process of grain processing to promote the transformation of grain saving and loss reduction technology" in this conference, launched a new PLUSquality sorting solution of grain processing linein the field of rice

intensive processing industry. Only from the separation of husk and brown rice process and reconstruction, the annual saving of grain can meet the food needs of 10 million people.

Highlight 4: Multiple honors,forge ahead.

After the review of academicians and experts of the conference, it affirmed the excellent contribution of Jiexun quality sorting technology in the field of rice intensive processing. Jiexun Optoelectronics and its PLUS quality sorting series products were awarded the "Excellent Brand of Rice Intensive Processing","Technological Innovation Demonstration Company", "Innovative ProductAward of Rice Cloud Quality Sorter" and "Excellent Brand in Rice Product Field", encouraging Jiexun people to continue to break through and forge ahead.

Jiexun continues to be specialized and refined in sorting field.We always adhere to the corporate vision of "Let the whole world enjoy the best quality food"andpromote the continuous implementation of food saving and loss reduction of PLUS quality sorting, and achieve high-quality development in rice intensive processing industry.