The first in the industry! --Anysortwas selected as the "Science Popularization Education Base of Chinese Cereals and Oils Association"

The first in the industry! --Anysortwas selected as the "Science Popularization Education Base of Chinese Cereals and Oils Association"

publishdate:2023-09-15 views:141

On September 15, the National Science Popularization Day event "Love Food, Save Food, Start with Me" co-sponsored by the Chinese Cereals and Oils Association (Hereinafter referred to as: CCOA) and the Hebei Association for Science and Technology was successfully held in Yu County, Hebei. This event is rich in content and unique in the popularization of cereals and oils science.

In order to strengthen the construction of science popularization positions, expand the channels for popularizing science knowledge, and attract all sectors of society to participate in the society's science popularization undertakings, the CCOA has awarded 15 units the "2023Science Popularization Education Baseof CCOA", including Anysort Company .

Anysort always has a confident and open attitude and welcomes industry experts and entrepreneurial friends to visit and provide guidance. Anysort has a multi-category quality sorter experience center, a practical training service base and a digital intelligent manufacturing workshop. Anysort receives 10,000+ guests every year to conduct academic exchanges and popular science activities. It has a positive impact on the popularization of food processing knowledge, food saving and loss reduction.

Under the call of comprehensive cereals processing to "save cereals, reduce cereals losses,improve quality and efficiency", Anysort fully plays its R&D technology advantages and actively promotes technological changes in the field of cereals processing. In the field of intelligent sorting, Anysort actively realizes technological transformation and output and display of scientific and technological achievements, unite industry forces to promote innovation and change in the entire industry chain, and truly take practical actions to ensure national food security.

As the only company in the field of intelligent equipment, selected as the "2023 Science Popularization Education Base of CCOA", Anysort will actively give full play to its advantages in science popularization functions under the initiative of the CCOA's "Love Food, Save Food, Start with Me" science popularization and education activities. Anysort will promote the "liveness" of science popularization resources, jointly build a food science popularization brand, and show the fruitful results of modern food science and technology.